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What's Different

The Only School Being Run In South Pattern

Burden Free Education

An approach to education that prioritizes reducing the stress and pressure on students and focuses on providing a holistic learning experience.

Experienced Teaching Staff

Instructors who have extensive knowledge and skills in their subject areas and have the ability to effectively convey information to students.

Modern Teaching Method

Utilizing contemporary approaches and techniques to teaching, such as project-based learning and inquiry-based instruction, to improve student outcomes.

English Atmosphere

Creating an environment where English is the dominant language spoken, providing students with ample opportunities to improve their language skills through immersion.

Smart Class Program

A teaching method that utilizes modern technology and interactive tools to enhance the learning experience and make it more engaging for students.

Limited Student Seats

A smaller class size that enables teachers to give more personalized attention to each student, fostering a better learning experience.

Computer Education

Learning about technology and its applications through the use of computers, including basic computer skills, programming, and digital literacy.

Group Activities

Collaborative learning opportunities where students work together in small groups to solve problems, complete tasks, and develop social and communication skills.

About Us

15 + Yrs. Of Experience In Teaching Sector

Welcome to Bhaskara Public School, founded and directed by Mrs. A V Pratibha. We believe that children are a precious gift and our aim is to help them excel in diverse fields by providing academic knowledge as well as cultural and traditional values to become responsible citizens.

With the support of our dedicated faculty and parents, our students grow in their skills and creativity. Our qualified and passionate teachers are committed to helping our students develop their knowledge and potential in various fields.

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Our Testimonials

What Our Parents Say About BPS

A new vision for teaching learning

Lalita jain Government teacher

An excellent place for kids A unique thinking towards education Dedicated director, principal & staffs

Lalita sahu Home maker

Very nice school and I am very happy

Sushant polai Business

Bhaskar Public School is one of the best schools in Raipur. Special attention is given to the mental development of children as well as physical development. Attention is also given to discipline and practical education of children in this institution. I am proud that my son is growing in this school. Thank u so much 🙏🏻

Dr Ravi Shankar Doctor

I am so thrilled to be a part of the Bhaskara Public School family. Their approach to learning is unique and innovative, and my child is blossoming as a result. The teachers and staff are all so caring and dedicated, and they make learning fun and engaging. My child is always excited to go to school each day and come home with something new that they have learned. I am so happy to have chosen Bhaskara for my child's education.

Adv. Arun Bajpai Advocate

I am a proud parent of my child who is studying in Bhaskara Public School. I must say that the school is top notch in terms of the quality of education and the personality development of the students. The staff and teachers are very caring and friendly and the atmosphere of the school is very conducive to learning. My child has grown to be a more confident and responsible person since joining the school. I highly recommend Bhaskara Public School to other parents.

Avantika Agrawal Career Counselor

"My child has been studying at Bhaskara Public School since the past two years and I am truly delighted with the quality of education he is receiving. The teachers are very supportive and have helped my child to grow and learn in a positive and encouraging environment. The school curriculum and facilities are excellent and I highly recommend this school for anyone wanting to provide their child with a quality education."

Diljeet Singh Engineer

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science exhibition

foundationday and science exhibition

12 Dec 2023 View Details

Painting & Art Competition

Bhaskara Public School is proud to announce that it is hosting a painting competition for its students. The competition will be held in the school premises and will be judged by professional artists. We invite all our students to take part in this co ...

01 Mar 2023 View Details

Outdoor Picnic With Nature

The students of Bhaskara Public School recently had a wonderful outdoor picnic, where they had a great time playing and exploring the beauty of nature. Our kids enjoyed the fresh air and the sunshine, and it was an unforgettable experience for them! ...

01 Mar 2023 View Details